About the project

Note: the keys used in the repo are outdated and most likely do not work anymore. I also do not agree with storing the keys in the library itself anymore. NXReader will be updated at some point to support reading the keys from a different file

NXReader is a Node module that can be used to read various Nintendo Switch file types. It currently supports 3 file types; XCI, NCA, and NRO


const NXReader = require('nxreader'); // Require lib

console.time('XCI Parser');
// Parse cart dump
const XCI = NXReader.parseXCI(`${__dirname}/SuperMarioOdyssey.xci`);
console.timeEnd('XCI Parser');


console.time('NCA Parser');
// Parse NCA executable
const NCA = NXReader.parseNCA(`${__dirname}/SuperMarioOdyssey.nca`);
console.timeEnd('NCA Parser');


console.time('NRO Parser');
// Parse NRO executable
const NRO = NXReader.parseNRO(`${__dirname}/kgdoom.nro`);
console.timeEnd('NRO Parser');