About me

Hi, I'm Jonathan and I'm a backend developer and software researcher. My work consists mostly of research/reverse engineering of software and building tools and APIs for them, as well as other general backend server development.

I work with web scraping, reverse engineering APIs, building replacement Nintendo game servers, and everything in between

My works

Here are some of my notable works. This is only a small sample of what I have done, for more see my GitHub linked below


  • NodeJS
  • Golang
  • Python

Custom game server replacements for Nintendo Network on the WiiU and 3DS


  • Dart
  • Flutter

Mobile app for finding adoptable pets around you

Disney+ API

  • NodeJS

Reverse engineering the Disney+ private API and making a custom client


  • NodeJS
  • Electron
  • HTML
  • CSS

Frontend client for the WiiU emulator, Cemu

Contact Me

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